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Conguraturations! It is decided to rebuild Aoba Figure!!! It is chance to get for the person who give up to get it due to rare and premiumed price.


★Saori Press Vol.13★ A special article for the horror games!!


Hand Towel - Riddle Story of Devil / Azuma Tokaku


Who’s gonna control Eternal Summer! Free! popularity vote!


The announcement of summer anime popularity ranking 2014!


Cool Komaed-kun figure! Start to accept reservation!!


Finally, it is released Naegi Figure!!!!



Special Saori Press! The anime Saori wants to recommend to you!


It’s not that simple to say something like, “Never give up”.

「苦しい。もう止まってしまいたい。」 そう思った瞬間からの、 一歩。

“I’m trying.. I just wanna give up..” The moment you thought, you can make one step.

君達が弱いということは伸びしろがあるということ こんな楽しみな事無いでしょう

If you guys are weak like that, that means you guys can improve from here.  Isn’t it wonderful?

俺が繋いだボールを アンタが勝手に諦めんなよ!!!

Just don’t give up catching the ball I passed you!!!